National Museum of Natural History- Grigore Antipa -Bucharest–MUSEUM FOR ALL

National Museum of Natural History- Grigore Antipa -Bucharest–MUSEUM FOR ALL


In 2011, National Museum of Natural History- Grigore Antipa reopened to the public after a  restoration. The new facelift came along with an improved facility for people with disabilities, showed thoughts for mobility, sight and hearing impairment.

In 2012, part of the project “Museum for all”, Grigore Antipa Museum facilitates the access for people with disabilities and offers access to part of the Natural History heritage, according attention to different types of disability.

For persons with sight impairment there is a tactile carpet in all the permanent exhibitions.  Also there was placed 20 bas relief with explanations in Braille; 2 catalogs with furs and feathers; 6 boxes that can be touched.

For visitors wheelchair bound, the museum is endowed with a dedicated parking place, exterior ramp for wheelchair, access to superior levels, wheelchair friendly toilets.

For hearing impaired and deaf people the museum has started training two museum professionals to speak Romanian sigh language.

At the opening of the museum, the museum had a special temporary exhibition named “In the darkness”  dedicated to people with disabilities, especially sight impairment.


About the Museum


Placed in a beautiful place, in the proximity of Victoriei square, the building imposes itself as monument of architecture. The museum was built between 1893-1944, as a result of the effort Dr Grigore Antipa brought to Natural History and the museum.

The museum was opened in by the great lord Mihalache Ghica, brother of Alexandru Ghica ruler ,who also donated an important collection of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, collections of minerals, fossils, mollusks, fish, birds and mammals and artwork.

Between 1837 till 1944 the collections were enriched with the help by substantial donations and  acquisitions in Romania and overseas. A main donor was dr. Hilarie Mitrea, whose brough an impressive collection of skeletons in the museum, including the significant  Deinotherium gigantissimum.

From the establishment till the leadership of dr. Grigore Antipa, the museum was moved in various rented buildings in Bucharest.  Dr. Grigore Antipa is the one who brought for the National Museum a new modern home in 1903, under King Carol I st. DR. Grigore Antipa was the first who designed  in Bucharest the fist biogeographic dioramas , model spread afterwards in many important museums of the world.Due to Grigore Antipa’s contribution to the Museum of Natural History, in 1933 King Carol II decided to name the museum as Museum “Grigore Antipa”.

The Museum continued its development under Acad. dr. Mihai Băcescu (1964-1988) leadership, the museum specialist taking part to important expeditions in Tanzania, Indonesia and Brazil. Since 1988,  the museum is managed by Dr. Dumitru Murariu who carried on the hard work of his predecessors, enhancing the heritage of the museum and, at the same time, diversifying the activities for public. There is a large palette of interactive activities, workshops and temporary exhibition.


Visiting hours:

Summer program:

Tuesday- Sunday : 10.00 – 20.00 (last visitor allowed at 19.00)

Monday: closed

Period:22nd  March – 31st  Octomber


Winter program

Tuesday- Friday : 10-18.00 ( last visitor 17.00)

Saturday –Sunday : 10.00 – 20.00 (last visitor allowed at 19.00)

Monday: closed

Period: 1st  November -21st   March

Official website of the museum :







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