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AccessibleRomania.co.uk is operated by I explore, legally authorized tour-operator under Romanian Tourism Ministry license No 6554, and managed by Unexplored Holiday company.

I explore – Romania  is a Romanian tour-operator  and also Destination Management Company on accessible tourism in Romania.  Romania is a lovely country and a beautiful destination, but travelers with special needs must give special consideration on preparing a trip to Romania. Hence, the company was established as  a necessity of tourism market, being the first Romanian Tour-operator offering touristic services for people with special needs.

We are here to manage incoming holidays for people with disabilities coming to Romania, but also to offer consultancy for tour-operators overseas who need and want to book holidays for leisure and business in Romania.

At this point we are able to organize FIT holidays for wheelchair travelers in different Romanian destinations, transfers, museums visits and accommodation.

Romania is an amazing country, blessed with beautiful seaside, grandiose mountains, and incredible rural scenery and we are here to offer equal opportunities for tourist to visit  this surprising beautiful country.

If you are here, it means we can offer our services.

Send your enquieries and we wil be the most happy to help.



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