Assistive Technology Products and Services.And it happens in Romania!

Last week I was contacted via Facebook messengers by Theodoros, and he told me he opened a business in Assistive Technology Products and Services field in Romania, Able Tech. As he was he was in Romania for business, he proposed to meet at his office and to show me company’s solutions, designed to improve the quality of life for persons with special needs.

I visited the Facebook page that he indicated to me and I discovered an entire range of products which truly can make life smoother for persons with disabilities in a wide range of daily aspects. There were no orthosis or wheelchairs, but complex systems for better access or communication, tools to facilitate learning for children with learning deficiencies. I became a bit interested, still reluctant.

I was reluctant believing that he wants to sell me product and services I have a medium disability as I asserted, but I can do whatever I want without special devices. After a short chat I decided that I have to see those wonders.

As soon as I reached the office, I understood Able Tech can be a solution for better living.

Access, Communication and Learning tools and services

I will made a brief description, as experienced showed me, things are better understood when experienced and I recommend, if you are directly interested to meet Theodoros for evaluation and also to present the solutions

Cable length: 150 cm Drivers: Plug & Play Width: 305 mm Height: 20 mm Depth: 165 mm Weight: 480 gr Sort: Compact / Mini Mobile : Yes
  • Access
    • Special keyboards and mice, adaptive systems for keyboard, mounting systems for laptops/ computers, touching systems, an entire range of solutions and adaptive tools.
    • If you asked me, the most impressive was the kit for facile computer access. The kit included software and sensors. Once one placed the latter on a user, like eyeglasses or forehead,for example, the access and communication was done intuitively by the software.
  • Communication: touching pads for communication, helpful for speech deficiencies, hearing adaptive systems, Braille communication tools, softwares and IT tools for speech, hearing and visual aid.
  • Learning tools:
    • Physical Kits and software for children with learning deficiency. As an example, my eyes fell on a puppy toy and I was shown how the toy connected to a touching pad was a main lesson for action and reaction. The pad is touched- the puppy moves.

They are not miraculous solutions, but they can be a significant improvement in the life of any person who needs special access, communication devices or special learning solutions.

Despite the cost of acquiring these solutions, some times it’s the only way for disabled people to have access to communication and education! These solutions in other European countries are 100% funded by the state.

What do Assisive Technologies resolve?

These days more often than ever we speak about equality of rights and chances. Actually, for a person to have similar chances in everything, should also have corresponding access, communication and learning leverage. This is how assistive technology can work in the benefit for persons which the products were designed for.

Actually, even if it largely debated as equality cause, I would consider that the most suitable term should be equity. The lack of access of a person, works on all levels and affects horizontal all his social aspects: financial, cultural and social issues.

ABLE TECH looking for cooperation

Going back in time, as some of you are aware, a while ago I used to manage an inbound travel agency for tourists with special needs. I had to suspend the travel operating business activities after while for countless reasons. It was a journey, I met people, I have new friends. I still keep the page active, as a blog, just in case I might help somebody, someday. It is now!

It is not a selling co-operation as might consider, but Able Tech is looking for practitioners to translate the products’ description from English to Romanian, in order to communicate the correct information to Romanian market.

It is not to be a translator, but a professional who have worked with people with special needs and who also had training abroad. That is mandatory in order to keep the language accuracy.

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