Accessible travel and leisure in Romania

Accessible travel and leisure in Romania has changed

Since Lonely Planet recommended Transylvania as the destination of 2016, Romania became  one of the wish list travel place. In what concerns tourists with special needs  the question arising is  has travel and leisure in Romania changed? Is is suitable for all?  The answer is, yes Romania has changed in mentality, some of the logistics has improved, yet,  accessible tours should be done with the local travel companies help.

The Old center of Bucharest – access to the gate between worlds

Bucharest Overview
Bucharest seen from above
Romanian Atheneum- accessible streets of Bucharest
Athenaeum -Victoriei Avenue – Bucharest

Since it became a pedestrian area, the old center of Bucharest is friendlier with everybody. The old cobbled streets were replace by neater dales, hence, even low mobility or wheelchair tourists can enjoy better the colourfoul streets with names of crafts and artisans.

If we were to speak about an attraction to visit in Bucharest, then Palace  of Parliament is the place one should visit. The communist mystery, the size and grandeur, the luxury within the giant walls are reasons one should not missed this attraction.

Village Museum Bucharest-  authentic rural within the city

For wheelchair travelers who want to combine the safety and comfort of the big city, still admire Romanian authentic buildings , then the village museum is the place to be in.

A tour within the outdoor museum it is like long journey in Romanian territory. The houses are 100% authentic and they carry on the land of Romanian idyllic wonders.  Besides, the alleys are also friendly for any tourist, including low mobility guest.  It is a travel into the mirage of Romanian Villages in a colourful city.

Peles Castle-  fairy like edifice. Accessible tour available

Peles Castle accessible
Peles Castle

Peles Castle is one of the most beautiful building of its kind in Europe and we are not saying this as we are Romanians. The ornaments, the setting , the level of details and modern technology makes it totally special. Build at the based of Carpathian mountains as summer residence for Carol Ist of Romania, Peles Castle beauty defeat time. It is a must see while in Romana and, as we speak about accessible travel and leisure in Romania, then it is nice to tell you that there is special designed tour for wheelchair travelers.  Yet, arrangements for this tour shall be made prior visiting.

Cluj Napoca  – A picture of Transylvania

The face of Cluj Napoca has changed quite a lot during the late years in every single concern. It is a city that attract yearly visual arts, music and architecture lovers or people who just want to taste a Transylvanian city  at its most.  

The Union Square is the most representative side of Cluj Napoca and also the most accessible part of it.  The footpaths are  wider and friendlier. I even remember passing by a person in a scooter and he seemed quite happy during his tour along the center of Transylvanian city.

What you can see around the Union square? First of all an amalgamation of styles: the theatre Building, Banffy Palace or St  Michael’s cathedral are referrals of different type of architecture.


As we returned to tell you the story of accessible Romania, we will carry on the journey in a future article.

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