Accessible Romania

Accessible Romania as it is now

“Accessible Romania” is a travel blog now  for travelers with special needs, as the name suggests. I will do my best to bring news for all of you who are interested in how to travel with a disability in this amazing country, Romania. I will continue to write about accessible facilities whenever I have the opportunity and news about this matter.

As the website’s visibility is quite good, I also encourage those who offer special travel or access products to send description for their services, hence they might reach those who need them.

It is right and an obligation, moral one above all, for every one to have access to culture and education. Travel involves  both of them. Disability should not be limiting.

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Disability DOES NOT MEAN “NOT ABLE”. It only invites to equity.
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Accessible Romania INITIALLY

I started as part of my travel business, to provide accessible travel services for overseas tourists. It was a big necessity on this segment at that time and still is.  It was a big challenge and did not worked out the way I wanted. During mid 2014 I closed the tour-operating business.

Accessible matter in Romania changed quite a lot during last 2 years, yet,  there is a wide range of issues that can be resolved.  This is why, as far as I can, I will carry on writing about any improvement or, on the contrary, disadvantages.  If you ask me an example now about the later, well, it will sound hilarious, but there is a lack of adapted toilets.  This is a reason for which I will recommend tourists to ask travel professionals or NGO’s in Romania advice.

It was long after when I realized that I can still do things for tourism access for those  who travel in Romania.  This is why I invite  providers in Romania, hotels, lodging and accommodation facilities, transport suppliers, attractions, access tools, maps which offer travel or access services to send their “products”.

I will list only those  articles that are best described and illustrated ( with real pictures)   in sense of  utility for my potential readers.

If you can be useful in this sense, I will publish your service for free.

Write to me at corina.stefan @



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