Accessible transfers in Bucharest

Wheelchair Accessible Transfer and Transport

The car is specially equipped for slow walking or people with special needs like:

Transport of persons with disabilities of any type.

Transport of persons with reduced mobility

Transport of disabled persons

Transport overweight

Transport pregnant women

Pre and post surgery transport

Transport elderly

The car is a confortable Mercedes Vito and it has the followig characteristics:

– A load capacity of 350 kg on hydraulic lift for wheelchair; – 5 seats for accompanying persons; – 1 room for an adult disabled in wheelchair

1. Transfers between two destinations in Bucharest, no longer than 30 minutes drive is from 20 euro.

2. Transfer from Henri Coanda Airport Otopeni to Bucharest

3. Rent for a in Bucharest (minimum 3 hours)

4. RentalĀ  per day (maximum 12 hours and maximum 250 km) with driver. For trips requiring to stay overnight stay in the hotel, the customer will pay additional costs for drivers’ accommodation and board.

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