A trip into my former accessible travel business

A  trip into my former accessible travel business


I wrote to you that I do not longer provide accessible tour-operator services. This is true, as true as it is the fact that I really care, I get, sometimes low. Some other times I feel furious about the entire situation or seeing that things in accessible travel do not transform into a better one, about the necessity to suspend the travel side of my business.

I am not a quitter

But overall, I am not a quitter, closing the agency does not mean that I am not going to care or to getCorina Stefan involved into.  I am going to do this, even if this means only to tell you something about me pioneering into accessible travel in Romania.  Actually,  Martyn Sibley’s article“ Accessible travel is adventure travel”   was an inspiration to carry on and challenged me into telling my stories. Pity enough, I have to agree with Martyn’s assertion. As well as I agree that change stays into governments policies and companies services and, I may add, people’s perception.

That’s why, I am going to transform this website into a blog, in which I am to write all my happenings since I opened I explore. Some situations will be fun to follow, others revolting, but in most of them you will see leisure and travel accessibility, but also the beauty of  Romania through my eyes.  I might be subjective, but aren’t we all?

Who Am I?

First of all, I should have to introduce myself: I am Corina, I am a Romanian and few years ago I came with this great plan: to offer accessible travel services in Romania! Now I name it accessible travel, at the time this idea shaped into my mind I did have a name, I did not know that this had been happening in the rest of Europe; I just wanted to do it.

How have I started, why have I even considered it even if I hadn’t seen a model? Well, I was born with a form of deformity to both hands and feet.  For most of my life, it had been difficult to accept that I had a handicap and I’d kept complaining about how horrible it was. In my mind, cause outside I worked hard to be above. On the other hand, my horrible hands, actually are a bless as I realized latter on my life’s path.  But I was one of the baby boomers during communist Romania and a handicap, even a light one, was not very well regarded.  It took me years to realize that I can do whatever I like and my hands do not restrain me from doing this. Actually that was the time when I went on with my life and I started going to another level from what I want from myself and others.

Next time  I will write to you about how accessible tourism in Romania shaped up into my mind and my first steps into this.

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